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Sites to See

SHIRAZ Click for forecast

  • An important city in the medieval Islamic world. It was the capital of Iran during Zand Dynasty (1750-1794).
  • The capital of Fars Province today.

Shiraz (Arg Karim Khan in center)

  • Achaemenian (559-330 BC) and Sassanian (224-651 AD) centered in Persepolis near Shiraz. Persepolis, the principal attraction today.
  • Population: approx. 1.1 million, lies at an altitude of 1491 m. (4920')
  • Shiraz sits in a valley, surrounded with beautiful mountains.
  • Shiraz translates in English to House of Learning. There are many places to visit which can be of interest to architects, designers and students of history.

Architecture in Shiraz

  • An important university town, has the most reputable medical faculty in Iran. Most students enthusiastic to speak English. Home of Hafez and Sadi (famous Persian poets).
  • The most pleasant of Iranian cities, Shirazi people known to be hospitable (mehman navaz).

  • One of the nice places we ate in Shiraz was Soofie Restaurant. It is outside of center of city but it's worth visiting.

  • Another good place to eat is a hamburger stand which was busy all the time and open quite late.

  • The famous tasty treat of Shiraz is faloodeh which can be purchased from ice cream stores. Faloodeh is vermicelli sorbet made of corn starch, rose water, ground pistachios served with some lime juice. Delicious!

Tomb of Hafez Naranjestan Ghavam
Tomb of Saadi Arg Karim Khan
Darvaze Koran Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque
Delgosha Garden Pars Museum
Eram Garden Shah-e Cheragh (Holy Shrine)
Afif Abad Garden Haft Tanan Museum
Vakil Bazaar Pasargadae (outside Shiraz)
Persepolis (outside Shiraz) Naghsh-e Rustam (outside Shiraz)
Shiraz Hotels
Naghsh-e Rajab (outside Shiraz)