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  • In the past, Toos area contained 4 cities called Taberan, Noghan, Radkan and Torghbaz.
  • The place now is known as Toos is the old Taberan. In 9 century AD, Taberan was the biggest city in the Toos area.
  • Taberan was of great importance and attracted the famous poet Hakeem Abulghasem Ferdosi. Ferdosi Tomb.
  • Baroye Toos: The fence is a massive wall made of sun dried brick and clay 6 Km (3.6 miles) long surrounded Toos to save city from invasion of enemies. The thickness of the wall is 6 m (19.8 feet). This fence had 9 gates and 106 towers, 6 gates can be distinguished now. This fence was last repaired about 500 years ago by the Timurian.
  • Arg Toos: Arg Toos or Palace of Mammon is a high and vast clay hill. The remains of the wall still seen on the Arg belong to Timurian.