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  • Kashan has been overshadowed by Isfahan; however, it is worthwhile to stop in Kashan on the way to Isfahan from Tehran. The town of Kashan is located about 250 km (150 miles) south of Tehran or 100 km (60 miles) south of Ghom (Qom) on the secondary road to Isfahan. Kashan is one of the oldest, most attractive and prosperous oasis town in Iran with a rich history.

  • Some excavations date back as early as Achaemenian Period, other buildings and constructions date from Sassanian dynasty. Kashan was demolished during the Arab invasion with the exception of a few ancient buildings remaining.

House roofs in Kashan
Unusual house roofs designed to keep cool.

  • Kashan became prosperous again during Seljuq times and is known for its ceramics since then. In fact, some argue that Kashan inherited its name from Persian (Farsi) word kashi which is a type of glazed tiles, while others state that Kashan was named after the Kashou tribe or the ancient word for temple.

  • Kashan once again was destroyed during Mongols invasion but it became an important town because it was greatly benefited from its connection to Shah Abbas I during Safavid Dynasty. Kashan was Shah Abbas I favorite town so that he even requested to be buried there. Some rulers preferred to live in Kashan rather than in the capital, Isfahan. A local historian wrote that Kashan 's name is derived from key ashian which means place of rulers.

  • Kashan is famous for manufacturing carpets, silk and other textiles. People of Kashan are kind and hospitable.

Bagh-e Fin Borujerdi House
Agha Bozorgh Mosque Imamzadeh Habib ibn Musa
Friday Mosque Tappeh-ye Sialk
Imamzadeh Abu Lolo  

Kashan House
Houses designed to keep cool.