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Isfahan (Esfahan) Click for forecast

  • Capital of Isfahan Province and is the third-largest city of Iran. The city situated at the foot of Zagros mountain at an altitude of 1,590 m (5,216 ft) on the north bank of the Zayandeh River about 320 km (200 mi) south of Tehran. Isfahan has a pleasant climate for most of the year but it may get cold in winter.

  • Isfahan is a city you want to visit, architecture is excellent and climate is nice plus has fairly relaxed atmosphere. The literal translation for the Persian proverb "Isfahan nesfeh jahan" is "Isfahan is half of the world." This proverb was coined in the 16th century to express the greatness of the city. Isfahan besides being one of the finest art cities in the world and rich in history, it is also one of the Iran's largest industrial, agricultural, and handcrafts production centers. It is planned that steelworks production double its present output and Iran becomes self sufficient in regard to steel production in the coming years. Isfahan also has oil refineries and power plants.

  • Population is over one million. Isfahan like Shiraz, has many attractions to explore. Isfahan has many outstanding examples of medieval Islamic architecture like the Imam Mosque (Masjid-i-Imam) and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and is also noted for its gardens, squares, palaces and stone bridges.

  • The tasty famous treat of Isfahan is gaz, a nougat which is mixed with chopped pistachios.The city has long been famous for its traditional handicrafts; filigree and metalwork, carpets, and handprinted textiles are produced. While in Isfahan, visit one of the teahouses especially the one under one of the bridges.

Coffee house - Isfahan
a traditional coffee house in Isfahan

Aliqapu Palace Imam Mosque
Ateshkadeh Khaju Bridge
Chehel Sotun Hasht Behesht Palace
Khomeini Square Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Manar Jomban Siose Pol Bridge
Vank Cathedral
View of Isfahan from Ateshkadeh
Isfahan Hotels