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East Azarbaijan

Tabriz Click for forecast

  • Tabriz is the capital of East Azarbaijan and is located at the foot of Sahand Mountains in an enclosed valley.

  • Tabriz is the second largest town in Iran plus it has become an important trade center between Iran and Turkey.

  • Tabriz was founded during or even before Sassanian Dynasty. Tabriz was the capital of Iran under Mongols until 16th century when Shah Tahmasb of Safavid Dynasty moved the capital to Ghazvin. Later, the capital was moved to Isfahan which was less vulnerable to Ottoman attacks.

  • The town suffered from wars between the Safavid, Ottoman empires and Russian troops. Tabriz into a period of decline by earthquakes and epidemic diseases.

  • Only a few historical monuments remain today such as Blue Mosque, Arg-e Tabriz, and Azarbaijan Museum. If you visit Tabriz during winter, you can ski near this old town.

  • Azarbaijan Museum includes mixed collections of archaeological items from Hasanlu and other regional excavations plus some ethnological objects about Azaris.

  • If you want to escape the city, you can go to Elgoli which is a large park. If you want you can rent paddleboats about the Shahgoli Shah Lake inside the park.

  • It is pleasurable to walk up and down Tabriz Bazaar which is huge and old. Perhaps, it was built more than a millennium ago although what has remained today goes back to the 15th century. Tabriz is known for rugs, silverware, items made from regional silk plus enjoy spice Bazaar which offers a wide variety of spices.