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West Azarbaijan

Orumiye Click for forecast

  • Orumiye (Oromiyeh, Urmia, Orumieh, Urmiye) is the capital of West Azarbaijan. It was also known as Rezaiye (Rezaieh) between 1930-1975.

  • It has an altitude of approximately 1300 meter (4290 feet) and is set on a fertile plain. The famous Lake Orumiye is located just east of the city.

  • Population of Orumiye is mostly Turkish or Azari so people from this region do not speak Farsi. Also, population is a mixture of Kurds, Armenians and Chaldeans. There is a fairly large Christian community (Protestant, Catholic and Russian Orthodox) in this area.

  • Orumiye is an ancient city dating back to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. It has been under the control of Arabs, Seljuqs and Mongols. Its history has been more peaceful after Mongols. In 1918, Christians escaped because of the fear of massacres of Armenians in Turkey although Christian community was reestablished shortly after.