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Ardabil Province (Azarbaijan)


  • Ardabil (Ardebil) Province was separated from Eastern Azarbaijan and is one of the most recent provinces in Iran. This region is beautiful with mountains and forests. Most people in this area are Azari so they speak Azari.

  • It is usually colder in Ardabil than the rest of places in the area. Average temperature in Azarbaijan is about 27°C (81°F) in summer (colder in Ardabil, 21°C, 70°F), and -2° (28°F) in winter (-20°, -4°F in Ardabil).

Winter field near Ardabil

  • If you are going to Astara and Caspian Sea you go through Ardabil city the capital of Ardabil Province and Safavid rulers originated here.

Mausoleum of Sheikh Safi

  • Sheikh Safi od Din Mausoleum 14th century tomb is located in Ardabil. Sheikh Safi is an ancestor of Shah Ismail, the founder of Safavid Dynasty. Shah Ismail himself is buried here as well.

  • The complex includes a delightful circular dome tower decorated with glazed brick designs in the Kufic and Riqa inscription, a portal, a porch, tombs of Sheikh Safi and Shah Ismail's, the harem, the Chini Khaneh (china hall), the Shahidgah (martyrdom site), the Khaneghah (Dervish monastery), Qandil Khaneh (lantern hall), the Jannat Sara Mosque and a garden. The walls are decorated with attractive tilework and fretwork paneling. You have to take your shoes off when you enter the building. This monument is considered the finest historical achievement of Iranian art.

  • Probably the most famous oriental/Persian carpet in the world is the magnificent Ardabil rug. Also while in Ardabil visit the bazaar for a wonderful shopping experience. The area is known for Sabalan honey.