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  Culture - Religion

  • The majority of Iranians are Shiite Muslim (Moslem) which is the state religion of Iran. In 1986, statistics indicated that approximately more than 98.5% of the people are Muslim. There are also Sunnis Muslim in Iran. (Books on Islam.)

Muslim men worshiping in mosque

  • Christians include .7% of the population. The Christian community consisted of Assyrians and Armenians who lived in Iran since the old times. In addition to the Gregorian Churches, there also Roman Catholics, Adventists, and Protestants who have their own centers where they worship. Armenians and Assyrians are represented in the Parliament.

Prayer in Christian church in Isfahan

  • Jews include .3% of the population. They are represented in the parliament and have their own schools, place of worship and associations.

Zoroastrians performing religious ceremony in Yazd

  • The ancient Persian religion was Zoroastrian. Zoroastrians include .1% of the population. (books on Zoroasterism.)

  • The followers of other religions compose .1%.


Islamic Glossary - frequently used words.

The Noble Sanctuary, Al-Haram al-Sharif, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the celebrated Dome of the Rock.

Shiite Imam Reza Shrine - Meshad, Iran

Shiite Imam Ali Shrine
Najaf, Iraq