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Persian Poetry

SANAI, the poet
There is not much known about Hakim Sanai (Abû'l-Majd Majdûd b. Adam Sanâ'î). He lived in Ghazna during 11th and 12th century and probably died around 1150.

Rumi acknowledged Sanai as one of his inspirations. Sanai's best known work is The Walled Garden of Truth. In addition, he wrote The Hadiqa plus his lyrics have survived.

He was connected to Bahramshah court who ruled 1118-1152. Bahramshah was going on a military mission to India. Sanai as a court poet was going along. On the way, he met the teacher Lai-khur. Sanai became a changed man and quit his service as a court poet even though that he was offered lots of wealth and the king's daughter. He went to Mecca, when returned he wrote The Hadiqa.

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