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Persian Poetry

HAFEZ, the poet

Hafez Poetry
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Hafez means, "the one who is known to recite the Koran from memory".

Hafez was educated by some of the leading scholars in Shiraz. His poetry known as Divan-e Hafez has always appealed to Iranians. His poerty is also well known to everyone who is a lover of Persian poetry, from Goethe to Meher Baba.

Hafez's name stands out among mystic Persian poets because of the depth of his thoughts, freedom of expression even during the most difficult times, and poetry full of feeling and delicacy.

Hafez expresses his soul and true self in words. That is why his poetry captures hearts who are ready to absorb such a mystery. It is a part of Iranian culture to open Divan-e Hafez at random with a question or a wish, and let Hafez answer the question.

artwork by Mohammad Hourian
more Hourian art

Hafez loved his hometown Shiraz, and lived there all his life. He received many generous offers to travel but he refused them.

There is a story about a time he decided to travel when he received an invitation from India. He goes to the port of Ormuz but a storm came and Hafez did not like the looks of ocean so he returned to his hometown Shiraz.

Drawing of Hafez:
(artist: Okhovat Pour Jafar, Miniaturist,
51 Naghshe Jahan Square, Isfahan)

Hafez Poetry
Hafez Tomb
Hafez Books 

Hafez Poetry on CD