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Culture - Recipes


Here are some recipes from various Persian cookbooks.

Khoresht dishes

Bademjan - Khoresht-e Bademjan (Eggplant stew)

Fesenjan - Khoresht-e Fesenjan (Chicken or duck in pomegranate sauce). This dish can also be made with lamb. The quality of this dish is determined by the ability of the chef (in Persian cooking). This dish is considered 'hot' (garm). See more on 'hot' and 'cold' foods here.

Ghormeh Sabzi - Khoresht-e Ghormeh Sabzi (Stewed lamb with black-eyed peas). The challenge of making this dish is finding fenugreek leaf. If you can't find fresh fenugreek, you can purchase dried leaf fenugreek from Persian grocery stores.


Chello - Persian Rice, bottom rice (Tah-dig).


Sharbat-e Albaloo- A cold, sweet, fruit flavored drink (Sour Cherry Syrup).


Borani - Borani-e Esfanaj (Cold Spinach Yogurt Salad)


Ab Doogh Khiar - A popular food in hot summer's day in an Iranian home which is very refreshing (Cold Yogurt Soup)

Cookbooks are available for purchase online here.