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Culture - Food



  • Most equipment is probably similar to what you have in your kitchen.
  • One of the most traditional dishes is polo (rice) and chelo. Polo is rice mixed with other foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Chelo is plain white rice which is served with meats or khoresht (stew). You can use basmati rice for better result, aroma and flavor.

  • Rice cooked, drained, put it back in the pot to simmer with saffron at the bottom (for different kinds of rice, you may add vegetables, fruit, fowl, meat, or nuts). You need a thick bottomed pot so not to burn the rice and the crust at the bottom.

  • If you would like a delicious crust, you may want to use non sticking pot (Teflon).

  • For trying Iranian cuisine, you can purchase cookbooks here.