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Persian Language

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English Word Farsi Word Pronunciation
one (1) yek
two do
three seh
four chahar
five panj
six shesh
seven haft
eight hast
nine noh
ten dah
eleven yaz-dah
twelve davaz-dah
thirteen siz-dah
fourteen chahar-dah
fifteen panz-dah
sixteen shanz-dah
seventeen hif-dah
eighteen hizh-dah
nineteen noo-dah
twenty bist
twenty-one bist-o-yek
twenty-two bist-o-do
thirty si
forty chehel
fifty panjah
sixty shast
seventy haftad
eighty hashtad
ninety navad
one hundred sad
two hundred devist
one thousand hezar
Saturday Shanbeh
Sunday Yek shanbeh
Monday Do shanbeh
Tuesday Seh shanbeh
Wednesday Chahar shanbeh
Thursday Panj shanbeh
Friday Jom ch
day rooz
today emrooz
tomorrow farda
yesterday dirooz
What time is it now? Hala sa'at-e chandeh?
It is nine o'clock. Sa'at-e noheh.
Where is the post office? Post Kaneh kojast?
Where is the telephone? Telefon kojast?
Will you please get this number for me? Lotfan in nomreh ra baray-e man be-girid?
Where is the bank? Bank kojast?
Please change this into rials. Lotfan in ra reyal be-did.
Which way is _?
_ kodam tarafeh?
How many kilometers to Tehran? Ta Tehran chand kilometreh?
Excuse me, I am lost, please help me. Rah ra gom kardeh am; lotfan be man komk konid.
Can you guide me? Ni-toonid na ra rah-nama i konid?
What is the name of this street? Esm-e in koocheh chi-yeh?
Turn right. Dast-e rast be-rid.
Turn left. Dast-e chap be-rid.
Go straight ahead. Mostaghim be-rid.
Where is the village of Lalejin? Ghasabeh Lalejin kojast?

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