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Culture - Eid-E-Ghadir

  • Eid-E-Ghadir (I'd-Al-Ghadir) which is on the 18th of the Zilhajj (Lunar Calendar) is one of the most celebrated event by Shiite Moslems. The event of Ghadir means the nomination of Ali by the Prophet Mohammad as his successor.

  • It was the tradition of all the prophets to nominate their successors in compliance with the order of God and regardless of the approval of their followers. To the Moslems, Ghadir-e-Khum is the famous place where the Prophet Mohammad revealed his final message that he would be succeeded by Saint (Hazrat) Ali. The Arabic word "Ghadir" means pond and Khum is the particular pond located about 90 Kilometers (54 miles) northwest of Mecca in the heart of the desert called "Sahra -e- Hujfah".

  • As Prophet Mohammad arrived at Ghadir-e-Khum, he heard the voice of Archangel Gabriel and the signs of revelation appeared. As Prophet heard the Angel, he asked to recite Azan (or Adhan, prayers that the muezzin will say to gather Moslems to the mosque) with addition of words "Hayya'ala Khair il'amal which means hasten towards the best of deeds.

  • Eid-e Ghadir is a national holiday in Iran.