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Persian (Farsi) Fonts
(font: a typestyle, or typeface).

There are a few web sites that use Persian fonts. Most webmasters I have talked with do not use Persian fonts because they tend to be more difficult to use than the average computer user is comfortable with. So most Persian you see on web pages are actually graphics made by typing in a Persian program that uses Persian fonts and then making that a graphic to display in the web browser. The Hafez poetry in Persian on this page is an example.

On web sites that use a Persian font you may be able to read it if you follow the instructions provided by that web site.

The problem and solution is the technology called Unicode, the agreed international standard for the unique encoding of all the characters used in different languages, The use of Unicode will become part of future computer programs. Only some programs today use Unicode.

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Windows products

Gerdsooz is a Persian script generator, or a stone-age word-processor! It is a C program that generates Persian script using ascii characters.

SaebSoft Products -- Dictionary and Utilities

PocketIslam calculates the proper times of Islamic prayers and direction of Mecca for any day in any city. Whether you do business in the Islamic world, or are of the Islamic faith. Although it is mainly designed for use with Palm and PocketPC, there is desktop software included. (Windows, Palm, Pocket PC)

GOOYA.COM is a Persian portal with many links to chat and other resources.

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Mac hardware and software (Apple Macintosh)

Gerdsooz is a Persian script generator, or a stone-age word-processor! It is a C program that generates Persian script using ascii characters.

Nisus Multilingual word processor and outliner. Persian (Arabic, Japanese, etc.) -- Nisus Writer is the choice of professional writers, editors, teachers, students, and business people. The features are too many to list here, visit their website for more information. (Mac, left to right OS9 only)

Time Palette a shareware tool for calculating time throughout the world. An atlas of 10,000 cities is included. "Time Palette" can also display a map in any of 11 different map projections showing the areas of day, twilight & night over the surface of the Earth.

Apple Mac OS is the new easy-to-use UNIX based operating system. Comes with multi-language options -- Persian, Arabic, Greek, and many others. Comes with Persian fonts or you can install Persian fonts, type documents in Persian and save as .pdf files which are readable by any web browser or with free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Computer Art
ASCII Art is making art using ascii characters (alphabet, in this case Roman) -- this page features Islamic images. See examples here.

Computer Art by Aridi is not only beautiful but easy to incorporate in your design projects See examples here.

If you have computer art please contact us about showing examples of your art on our web site.

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Computer Suppliers & Internet Providers

_Email Your Computer Company Information
For This Page


Computer hardware: CPU, memory, CD, DVD, printers, monitors, scanners, and more.
No 18, 9Fl, Center of Iranian Trading
Valiasr Sq, Tehran
Tel 6489890-1 -- Fax 6489754

E-Mail: manager@iran-ava.com

Tarasheh Paya Co.

Computer Supplier in Tehran
Unit 13, No. 212, KarimKhan Ave
Tehran 1598874141
Tel: +98 21 8809801 -- Fax: +98 21 8809806
Email: info@tarashehpaya.com

GSISCO – Internet Service Provider

Email: info@gsisco.com
Tel: 00962 6 5826006 (Jordan)

GSISCO is a high speed, always-on, bi-directional broadband Internet via satellite.
Broadband via satellite is available to anyone, regardless of location, and GSISCO is sold through local service providers in many countries across the Middle East


Web presence and design, computer programming.
No.531 B1, Pooladshahr, 84916 Iran
Tel/Fax: +98-335-263-3980
E-Mail: info@pooladshahr.com

TAK Group

Web hosting and design, programming.
No. 49, Apt, 8, Madaen Alley., Jam St. Motahari Ave. Tehran , Iran
Tel: +98 21 8325594 -- Fax: +98 21 7202053
E-Mail: info@takgroup.com


Full service technology company.
Interent and wireless connections.
E-Mail: info@rain-it.com


Web Engineering Company
Web hosting, web design, domain names, training.
E-Mail: support@noujan.net

Secure Target

Computer Security Consulting and Internet Training - Tehran, Iran

Telecommunications, Internet_and_IT

by AME, provider of business information in and about the Middle East region including: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Achiever Computers L.L.C.

Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE.
PH.: 971-04-3933233
Mobile: 050-9971824
Fax: 971-04-3931116       

Metropolitan General Trading LLC

Laptop and Computer Dealer in Dubai UAE
Tel :  +971-4-3521136
Email : info@metro-politan.com

Internet Service Provider in Iran
Persian Rug Mouse Pad

Persian Rug mouse pads
from Fiberlok.

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Tech Dictionary Online

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Talk Now! Farsi ___ Persian Tutor Software

Ectaco Language Products:
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