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  • This form of Persian art painting which is famous throughout the world have simple themes but the setting is elaborate with a wealth of meticulous details. For example, a simple story might be a king hold a court, a hero overcoming a dragon, a princess bathing in a secluded stream or may be hunting scenes.

Antique miniature
(artist unknown)

Miniature painting on animal bone
by Okhovat Pour Jafar
(Hafiz drawing)

Deer (watercolor, 15" x 20")

Horses (watercolor, 10" x 14")
Artwork by miniaturist Mohammad Hourian
more Hourian art

The heritage of passion
The heritage of passion
The Bless
The Bless
Artwork by Mohammad Reza Sharifi
Click on image for larger image. (more Sharifi art )

If you are a minuature artist or gallery email us your information.

  • Okhovat Pour Jafar, Miniaturist
    51 Naghshe Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran

  • Hourian Fine Art Galleries
    Mohammad Hourian, Artist, Miniaturist, Restorations, Framing.
    1843 Union St., San Francisco, CA 94123
    Phone: 415-346-6400
  • Sharifigallery
    Mohammad Reza Sharifi, Artist
    Isfahan-Iran, Phone: +98 311 2285868
    Email - info@sharifigallery.com