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Culture - Arts



  • Calligraphy is an important art form in Iran. Originally an Arabic system of writing developed from the Syriac and Nabatean, it uses a contrast between vertical lines and the horizontal base formed by the links between the letters.

  • Early on calligraphy took on the sacred function of reproducing the Koran. Later it started to be used for secular and religious decorative purposes. Some of the styles are; Nasta'liq, Shikasteh, Naskh, and Suls.

Surat Al Imran,Verse 126 Dimension : 112*70 cm Nasta`liq Jali script
by Ali Shirazi

  • Modern calligraprophers such as Ali Shirazi whose beautiful work is above are keeping the artform not only alive but current by holding art showings around the world. See Shamseh Arts Institute web site.

  • Ancient or modern calligraphy can be seen in decorations of religious buildings and other places. Also, it is used in holy Koran and holy names such as Allah (God), prophet Mohammad or saints.

The Islanders
Calligraphy in the hand of Mohammed - son of Shafiq, 1291